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We believe open source knowledge empowers the business ecosystem. Particularly in the emerging world of sales diagnostics. Over the course of our different experiences in various industries, we have developed processes, written white papers and collaborated on cutting-edge enterprise transformations. We wish to share these insights with you to help in your efforts to empower your sales team. 

What are sales diagnostics? 

Sales diagnostics is more than a buzz phrase. 

The fundamental belief of sales diagnostics is to focus on the source, not the symptoms of sales performance issues or roadblocks to success.


Sales diagnostics identifies to the root causes of sales performance inhibitors and  discovers the true sources of strengths and areas of improvement for business units and individual sales professionals. 


Sales diagnostics leverages different tools that enable organizations to map the route to improve performance and optimize resource allocation, including time, budget and talent skills. 



We strive to partner through all phases of the sales development and optimization process. Learn more about our sales training and implementation services.


Perspectives, updates and the latest findings from our team on a wide variety of topics ranging from analyses of popular trends to reflections on currents and more.



We strive to turn ideas into reality. Many of these concepts start with white papers, past studies and current projects. Take a look at what we think and what we've done.

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Recommended Resources

Need more informations about sales enablement and optimization? Here are some recommended sites to check out.

Recommended Resources

Associations, sites and organizations that we recommend to those who are interested in learning more about sales enablement and optimization. 


Professional Association

A vibrant community of professionals focused on sales enablement featuring an active discussion board​.

Professional Association

A global cross-industry serving sales leadership professionals frequent educational webinars and research on topics of interest to sales leaders​.



A thorough tools that shows you how to map your customer's experience so that you can improve it and align your selling efforts to your customers' journeys.​

Education Materials

A leading source for learning more about using questions to drive deeper, more meaningful conversations with customers​.

Latz's Negotiation Institute

Thought Leadership

Insights from one of the top thought leaders and practitioners in negotiating strategies.  ​

Education Materials

Useful, informative and educational presentations​ full of ideas and facts across a broad array of subjects.

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Educational Material

The idea of agile selling is coming of age and growing more popular by the day. Learn about it here.​

Thought Leadership

Ideas and insights into the difficult but necessary task of measuring the ROI of sales training​

Thought Leadership

Thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of 'off-the-shelf' training programs and customized training programs.

Education Materials

A good explanation of the four levels of training evaluation as explained via the widely accepted model, commonly known as the Kilpatrick Model. 

Thought Leadership

Some reasons to carefully consider your spend on large, traditional training programs.​

Education Materials

Ideas and resources on how to use visual communications, story-telling and whiteboards to help sales professionals communicate and persuade better

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