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Sales Diagnostics


Tailor the resources to the sales professional. Not the other way around. Each sales professional is different. We know this. Let's work together to unlock the potential of each sales professional.  

What do you want to achieve?

Discover the strengths and areas of improvement for your individual sales professionals.
Understand the nature of your sales processionals' relationships with their customers.
Identify improvement opportunities in sales planning and sales management processes. 
Leverage the full suite of Roadmap Diagnostic's tools for optimized sales team performance and effectiveness.


Roadmap Development

Leverage the full power of Roadmap Diagnostics' suite of evaluation tools to create the most effective roadmap for optimal sales performance.

Combine the power of talent inventories, process maturity evaluations and voice of customer analyses to generate the most powerful diagnostic assessment possible of your sales team. 

Diagnostic Package



Identity the strengths and gaps in the core sales capabilities and competencies: technical and functional knowledge, and interpersonal client management skills of your sales professionals. 

Tailor the resources to the professional, not the professional to the resources.

Unlock the true potential of your sales professionals by discovering who they truly are as an individual contributors to your team. Using our proven approach, we work with your team to break through identified barriers and create unique plans of actions that optimize the resources and times of your time. 

Personalized gap analyses for competencies in for technical and functional knowledge and interpersonal client management skills. 

Participation of managers and sales team for holistic analyses.

Use of data-driven practices and analytics that leverages company insights for optimized performance clarifications.

Talent Inventory

Process Maturity

Evaluate the strengths and gaps in the core sales processes: sales planning, sales management, and sales analytics and reporting of your team.

Processes and professionals go hand-in-hand. Let's match sure they work together to the fullest extent possible. 

Roadmap works with your sales managers to determine the most important areas of focuses within their business units and develop tailored plans of actions for each sales professional. 

Areas of focus are:

  • Sales Planning: this group of activities determines the focus of the sales force, its goals for the year, how it will achieve those goals, and the amount of money it needs to do that.

  • Sales Management: these are the activities that are routinely executed to ensure that the goals and objectives developed in the sales plan are achieved.

  • Sales Evaluation: this responsibility includes activities that measure sales performance and inform sales management

Process Maturity

Voice of Customer

Determine the perspective of your customers to see the strengths and gaps in your customer relationship management interactions.

Talk to the end customer to understand the established relationships at hand. 

For a sales team to perform at its ​optimal pace, all stakeholders in the sales eco-system must be taken into account. This includes the voice of the end-customer. By understanding the perspective of the end-customer, Roadmap Diagnostics can narrow in on areas of focus that data would otherwise not reveal.


Voice of the customer perspectives provides the necessary holistic view that is results in the most effective roadmap development for short-term and long-term success. 


Components include: 

  • Surveys

  • In-depth Interviews

  • Focus groups 

Voice of Customer

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